We hope you, your family, and your team are staying healthy. We continue to focus on supporting you during these difficult times.


Yesterday, Governors Cuomo, Lamont, and Murphy revealed that businesses across the Tri-State Area will begin to slowly reopen. Governor Cuomo released a four-phase plan for New York on a regional basis.


·     Phase 1 - Construction, manufacturing, and select retail that can offer curbside pickup.


·     Phase 2 - Professional services, finance and insurance, retail, administrative support, and real estate/rental leasing.


·     Phase 3 - Restaurants and food services, as well as hotels and accommodations.


·     Phase 4 - Arts, entertainment, recreation, and education.

As industries begin to open up, it is important to have a plan.

Click here to view a comprehensive Return to Work checklist. By following the guidelines listed here we can do our part in maintaining a healthy work environment.


We will continue to host webinars for employers on how to navigate the COVID-19 situation and the many HR challenges it poses. We update our content regularly to best address the rapidly changing landscape.


Our data tells us that people want information/guidance on legislation, layoffs, furloughs and recalls, and workplace health and safety as it relates to returning to work. Over the coming weeks we’ll attempt go in depth on each of these topics.




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