In many industries where talent is difficult to recruit, a comprehensive benefits package can be THE differentiator in bringing the best on board. In the hurry of annual renewals, employers often seem to be trying to stay afloat, with little time to evaluate new strategies for managing a top-notch benefits program.

Through our Discovery and Blueprint process, we simplify annual renewal meetings and shift the conversation back to long-term strategy. Here are five areas we think clients can quickly improve their program without material changes.

Update Your Communication: As we previously blogged about, the average employee in the workforce has changed and so has the way they prefer to receive communications. However, many organizations are continuing to engage their employees the same way they always have and often using the same presentations they have used in years past.

Utilize Technology To Simplify HR Administration: launching any new technology platform can often seem a daunting and time consuming task – but when you add up how many hours you spend on activity that can be automated with technology, the return on time invested becomes abundantly clear.

Encourage Transparency and Consumerism: many companies fail to tell employees how to utilize services that make navigating the health care system smoother and easier. This is made all the worse, as often these services can be free to both employers and employees.

Promote Health and Welfare Programs: not only can health and wellness programs guide employees to utilize the right level of care in the right areas, but they enhance overall culture and send a positive message to staff – that your organization wants the best for your employees professionally AND personally.

Proactive Preparation for Health Care Reform: at our agency, we build a comprehensive compliance scorecard and road map to help our clients stay ahead of ambiguous and evolving regulations.

Improving employee value perception of the organizations benefits often is not directly related to do with what benefits are being offered. Recognizing that finding and retaining top talent is a key to success in any business, frequently it is the small things that your employees find irreplaceable.

At Brio, our people make our business.