EAP for Everyone!

Would you make a hiring decision on a new employee if they were to ask for less than $50 more a year than your employment offer? Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) generally cost around that amount but for some reason access has traditionally been limited to only those participating in the company health plan.

If it isn’t about the $50, let‘s look at this differently; what if you could help intervene with an employee suffering from emotional distress, substance abuse or struggling to deal with aging parents for the cost of less than $50 a year? Do you think there will be a different outcome in that employee’s job performance? Will they feel differently about working with your organization?

Brio is highlighting EAP this month because of the stress, depression and relationship issues that so often accompany the holidays. In some households, that can all be before the meal is complete….Meanwhile, for below $50 a year you can offer an outlet for your employees to seek appropriate and timely professional assistance.

At Brio, we have found that employers quite often do not do a very good job of highlighting the benefits of their benefit program. Detailing to employees the great things that the employer is providing the team should be an opportunity for employers. Instead, the communication is quite often mired in the “takeaways” and the cost increases year over year. EAP is one of the programs that is both low-cost and potentially high-impact.

The exact details of every EAP program vary; however, most offer counseling covering the following areas:

  • substance abuse
  • occupational stress
  • emotional distress
  • major life events, including births, accidents and deaths
  • health care concerns
  • financial or non-work-related legal concerns
  • family/personal relationship issues
  • work relationship issues
  • concerns about aging parents

Improving employee value perception of the organization's benefits should be a goal of all organizational communications but are often overshadowed. Recognizing that finding and retaining top talent is a key to success in any business. Frequently it is the small things that your employees find irreplaceable.

At Brio, our people make our business.

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