At Brio, we believe in specialization in all aspects of your employee benefits. Together, we work with you to get a deep understanding of your goals as it relates to the retirement plan(s) you are offering, and tailor a customized education plan to help your employees understand how the decisions they are making today will impact their retirement readiness in the future. We recognize the need to provide expertise in plans beyond the common 401(K) and 403(B) plans. Our retirement specialists have over 20 years of experience in providing guidance on Defined Benefit Pension Plans, Cash Balance Plans, Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation Plans and Employee Stock Ownership Plans. With our partnership, we help streamline your administrative efficiencies and provide enhanced solutions in the following areas:


Mitigating Fiduciaries Risks


We recognize that as a key decision maker, you have other things to do on a daily basis other than simply worry about your retirement plan. Brio Financial Services, LLC has the ability to act as a fiduciary for your plan(s) investment selection and provide unbiased investment advice. Brio will handle the oversight of your plans service providers to streamline administrative efficiencies and monitor compliance procedures. We will also serve as your dedicated contact for any plan-related questions.


Provider Search, Management and Oversight


Whether you are satisfied with your current provider(s) or not, we can assist with holding those providers accountable or helping you find a better fit based on the needs of you and your employees. We will work with your current provider(s) to coordinate education strategies, monitor your plan(s) fees and investments and make sure any new tools and/or resources being launched by the provider make their way into the hands of your employees.


Plan Sponsor Services


Some of the most common feedback we receive when engaging new clients is that they are confused with regard to, “Who handles what?” when it comes to those involved with their retirement plan. Questions may include: “Do I call the provider or the third-party administrator?” and/or “What responsibilities does my advisor have?” At Brio, we serve as your primary contact on all plan-related issues. Call us. We are here for you.

Additionally, we found that one of the greatest impacts we have on your employee’s overall retirement readiness is by implementing the correct plan design. We work with you, both initially and ongoing, to discuss a variety of plan design options to ensure we can eliminate future issues and set your employees on a path to achieve their retirement-plan goals.


Competitive Review on Investments and Record-keeping Fees


Are you familiar with Share Class Optimization and Revenue Sharing strategies?  Most companies that we meet for the first time are unfamiliar with the investment share class they are using within their plan and the impact the share class has on their plan(s) fees. We have the internal tools needed to evaluate all share classes that a provider has available in order to make informed decisions on the share class to use within your plan(s) investment lineup. We will provide guidance on any revenue sharing currently taking place within your company’s retirement plan(s), and, more importantly, help explain the impact it’s having on your plan(s) fees and investment performance. We proactively monitor the fees being charged by your plan provider(s) on an ongoing basis to ensure your pricing is competitive when compared to industry peers with similar plan demographics.