Download the Free Brio Best Practices Checklist for Your Next Benefits Renewal or Enrollment.

    What month is your Renewal or Enrollment?


    What is the best strategy for your renewal or enrollment?
    What is the first thing to do to prepare for your renewal or enrollment?
    What is new that may change how you conduct and organize your renewal or enrollment?
    When should you start your communication program with your employees and why?
    How do you prioritize your time?
    What is the most important renewal or enrollment activity for your employees?
    Why do you want to correctly sequence your renewal or enrollment tasks?

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    Sartorius, San Francisco Bay Area

    Work is Changing so Your HR Work Technology Needs are Changing, Too

    Now, for a limited time, you can consult with Lisa Johnson on the latest tech challenges in HR and your specific issues.

    Have your work policies enlarged to include more employees working remotely?
    Can your integrated platform handle the demands of a remote workforce?
    Is your environment flexible enough to navigate more third-party programs?
    Are you considering a mobile-friendly integrated environment instead of a tech stack?
    With recruiting, and onboarding tasks being handled virtually, is your team able to keep up with the increased demands of compliance and training?
    Are you seeking ways to use technology to pull your workforce together in these times when they must work apart?
    Is increased automation the answer to the increased demands of payroll processing and tax filing?


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