Register by Wednesday, June 24th, 2020 at 2:00pm EST, to join our webinar with key speaker Jordan Feldman, Co-Founder and CEO of Rightway Healthcare.


What will be discussed?

  • Use of digital health during COVID-19
  • Lessons learned that will improve digital health engagement going forward
  • How employees will benefit from digital health delivery in the future


 Learn about our Speaker

Jordan Feldman, Co-Founder and CEO, launched Rightway in 2017. Rightway provides employers a comprehensive analytics and software healthcare ecosystem to optimize employer expenditure and to produce high-quality, cost-efficient healthcare experiences for employees. The platform serves as the single point of contact that becomes every employee members’ continual point of contact throughout their healthcare journey. The service is available via smartphone, web and by calling or messaging members’ personalized navigator to guide them with a “doctor in the family” approach to navigation and advocacy.


What is Rightway Healthcare?

Rightway is a healthcare advocacy platform that empowers you with the technology, personal support and transparency needed to simplify your decisions around the cost and quality of care. This results in tremendous time and dollar savings with better health outcomes. Rightway is your “doctor in the family” to help you navigate all things healthcare!

Rightway Mobile Application: The Rightway App is mobile or web-based application to centralize all navigation experiences and healthcare resources.


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