In recognition of the impact the COVID-19 crisis has had on the ability to access and receiving routine dental care services, Cigna is implementing a program designed to provide assistance and relief to clients who were active during the month of May. This program is offered to Cigna Dental fully insured clients. Administrative Services Only (ASO) Clients and Level Funding / Graded Funding are not included in this program.

Dental group clients who were active with Cigna in May 2020 will receive a one-month premium credit. In order to determine the size of the credit, the information from each client’s May-billed insured-product premium will be used.

We anticipate that premium credits will be automatically applied by July 31, 2020, subject to state regulation, and a request action from your billing analyst will not be needed.

Dental group clients sitused in Washington who were active in May 2020 will receive a 50% rate reduction for their July and August billed insured-product premium, subject to state regulation. 

*The Cigna Dental Client Relief Program is pending approval or may be unavailable in CA (pending for Cigna Dental Care® products only), MA, MO and NH. 

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