Now more than ever employers are looking for innovative ways to save money or spend more efficiently on their benefits. In case you missed it, we have highlighted some of these great cost saving options for you to consider during renewal. You may access our content at any time, please view our recordings to the webinar series below.

Importance of Owning Your Own Pharmacy Contracts

webinar 1

Presenter, AJ Somaini PharmD, RPh reviewed strategies on how to take advantage of the cost saving opportunities of owning your own pharmacy contract.

The following opportunities were among the topics discussed:

- Greater understanding and control of your own spending

- Transparency and direct contact with your data

- Customize your Formulary List to fit your group's specific needs

- Strategic management of pharmacy benefits


The password for the recording is: Brio1234!

Brio Level-Funded Solution


The discussion will be around Brio’s new level-funded solution with Benecon/Veris that provides flexible administration, rate caps and 100% of any surpluses.


Recognizing the effectiveness of group purchasing, Benecon pioneered self-funded consortiums and cooperatives. Today, they manage fourteen programs across the country and maintain membership retention of more than 98%. With a full Suite of Services, Benecon is able to provide unlimited expert support through Actuarial, Compliance, Finance and the Producer Services Divisions.


The password for the recording is: Briolevel1!

Reference Based Pricing as a Choice


Plain and simple, self-funded health plans are more transparent and flexible than a fully-insured plan. With more control over the plan management, it's important to determine the right cost containment strategies.


Advanced Medical Pricing Solutions (AMPS), Brio Benefit Consulting, and Maestro Health host discussion on strategies like reference-based pricing and care management.

Pareto Captive

webinar 4

Pareto Captive Services can help you form or join an employee benefit group captive. You will see their creative approach to self-funding which allows groups the same flexibility as a traditionally self funded plan, while eliminating some of the risk and/or volatility. With Pareto you can cut out the insurance industry’s profits while continuing to provide the same caliber of benefits that keep your employees healthy, happy and productive.


The password for the recording is: Brioweb4!

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